Usagi and Mamoru: A Love Like No Other

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This community was created for the sole purpose of creating a place for the fans of First Season romances, that have livejournals, to congregate. There will be a challenge going on to write drabbles based on 100 themes. However, we welcome all fics that relate to Usagi and Mamoru first season romances. You are welcome to link to your personal LJ, fanfiction.com page, or any other page that contains your fic. :) Come join us!! Everyone is welcome!

100 Themes Challenge: We now have all 100 themes posted. For a list of the themes and links to the current archive of drabbles, take a look here:


Most of the people taking on the challenge are not writing "classic drabbles" which are 100 words exactly. We understand what a classic drabble is and anyone is welcome to take on the challenge using that method, but please no criticism to our authors who are chosing not to do this.

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" Challenge: Choose your own adventure stories are stories in which every chapter ends with a choice for the reader and, depending on what they choose, directs the reader to the respective chapter. This is a community-written fic and all are invited to participate. Check out the rules for more information: